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Mission Statement

This is our mission.

The hills and dales of the tri-state Upper Delaware River highlands and valleys are a place of rare beauty…. Seeing it and living in it almost aren’t enough. Such beauty should be captured on canvas or film so that one can truly appreciate it, glimpse it in the quiet of an art gallery or museum, or between the pages of a poetry book or literary sketch.

Our mission is to capture these momentary snapshots of beauty graphically and through the written word. We celebrate our area and the uniqueness of the people who live and work in our tri-state region.

The Journal Group opens its doors to our communities, businesses, and organizations, to serve as a communicative journal of all that we have to offer for those who live here and for those who love to visit us, too.

The Journal Group publishes The Journal eight times a year and distributes in eight counties in Pa, NJ, and NY. In every issue we cover Art, Food, History, Life and Nature through top quality editorial and photography.

Join the group on our mission.

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