It all comes down to business.

Did my ad bring the business in? Here we share a few testimonials from consumers and business owners, who are consumers too.


“A triumph – I loved the piece on the BlueStone and was quite taken with the writing and insight….” -Bob Levine

“Just read my copy of your Milford Journal –cover to cover- and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it and appreciate its mission…. Congratulations also to those folks here in town who supported the project with the advertising dollars. -Barbara Kelly

“Your magazine is outstanding. It has a crisp look, and the cover is stunning.”                  -Miriam Siegel


“The Milford Journal has been a triple pay-off for my Rolfing practice: 1) My direct return on investment is running at 5:1; the ads paid for themselves 5 times over in the first 6 months. 2) That return will only increase with future sessions with those customers who found me through the Journal. 3) Like most service businesses, most clients come to me through word-of-mouth, so I expect the biggest returns will be from the people who hear about me through the Journal clients.” -Richard Paterson, owner Rolfing NEPA

“We saw your ad in the Milford Journal and the Sussex County Journal and we’re so pleased that we found you” is what many of my new clients say….So thank you to the Journal Group, for excellence in design, distribution and the presence of your magazines… it’s been great. -Robert Knowles, owner Knowles Media

“I have received more phone calls than ever since I started advertising my business in the Milford and Sussex County Journals. I am amazed at how often I’m recognized by people around Pike and Sussex County as a result of my photo in my ads.                              -Cena Block, owner Sane Spaces

“Just wanted to let you know I signed up an adult private student for two months of lessons from Milford, PA. She saw my ad in the Milford Journal and called me! Thank you for the opportunity. Looking forward to growing my business with you.”
-Jennie Traill Schaeffer, Owner TraillWorks

“So many of our new referrals say that they have seen our ad in The Milford Journal and just last week we received a call from a new client in Sussex County who had seen our ad in the Sussex County Journal. Thank you so much for the wonderful job you are doing in our area!” -Maureen Caska, Owner, TLC Salon and Spa

“I advertise in every issue of The Journal, because I see the magazine everywhere I go, and people come into our showroom and mention that they’ve seen our ad.” -Ricco Arse, General Manager, Port Jervis Auto Mall

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